Analisis Sistem Kerja Shift Terhadap Tingkat Kelelahan dan Pengukuran Beban Kerja Fisik Perawat RSUD Karanganyar

Helma Hayu Juniar, Rahmaniyah Dwi Astuti, Irwan Iftadi


Karanganyar District Hospital uses a system of shift work is divided into three, namely the morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift. This study analyzed the levels of general fatigue experienced by nurses on the morning shift, afternoon shift and night shift using methods Bourdon Wiersma and questionnaire Subjective Rating Self Test and measurement physical workload using physiological methods of work. Based on the results obtained that the afternoon shift is a shift that has a level of fatigue the most high based on 3 parameters measured is speed, accuracy and constancy with methods Bourdon Wiersma Test and the morning shift and afternoon shift as a shift that has the workload of most high based on the results of measurements of the pulse to determine the amount of energy consumption, oxygen consumption and% CVL to the nurse and then questionnaire.


Bourdon Wiersma Test; Subjective Self Rating Test; Fisiologi; Nurses; Workload

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