Perancangan Key Performance Indicators Menggunakan Metode Performance Prism

Eko Supriyadi, Murman Budijanto, Irwan Iftadi


PT. Aston System Indonesia is company engaged on the printer sale and purchase. PT. Aston System Indonesia requires a performance measurement to measure the performance of the business units. Currently, Measurements is still focused on the financial term . Good performance can be measured by profit and non-profit assessment. Performance Prism can help PT. Aston System Indonesia to generate stakeholder satisfaction and contribution to be an objectives, strategies, processes, and capabilities. The level of success can be measured with a Performance Indicator(PI). The result of this design shows 38 PI which scattered in 11 objectives, 23 strategies, 16 processes, and 24 capability and associated with the four stakeholders. Based on a weighting of performance indicators, 10 indicators of performance that has the highest weight selected as key performance indicators (Key Performance Indicators or KPI) such as Warranty claims (0082), customer satisfaction index (0078), Accuracy pay the supplier (0.075), ratio inaccuracy order completion time (0073), the availability of stock (0.063), Data Updates (0057), a fast moving product (0.047), percentage increase in salary (0044), Giving cashback / discount (0.040) and the percentage attendance (0.030


performance measurement; KPI; Performance Prism

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