Rancangan Mesin Stirling Memanfaatkan Komponen Mesin Lain Yang Ada Di Pasaran Indonesia Sebagai Pembangkit Listrik

Roni Zakaria, Ilham Priadythama, Nugroho Eka Budiyanto


Stirling engine technology is an old technology that was developed to be a power back. In America and in Europe the development of Stirling engine has been done so far by utilizing production technology and advanced materials. This research uses the technology micro-scale workshop and uses the other engine components that exist on the market to accommodate the volume Stirling engine design compressor size. In performance testing, this study used cranckshaft axle load testing methodology. Testing is done by 5 (five) times. From the data at average constant speed, travel time and expense it can be calculated that the engine power is generated. The results of this study produced a prototype Stirling engine with a pressure of 1 bar gamma type. In addition to the prototype machine, the performance measurement analysis used as the input source in the development later of the Stirling engine to produce competitive and cheap


Stirling engine, micro-scale worksho; prototype; loading test; development

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