Perancangan Pola Cetakan dan Penjadwalan Mesin pada Produk Iron Ductile

Cucuk Nur Rosyidi, Lobes Herdiman


Designing of pattern at iron ductile product later on machinery process, it can be comprehend that correctness of workpiece dimension made at coran with acute angle which difficult to make. Other consideration is media weared in moulding. Workpiece dimension that made have to can eliminate the occuring of air bubble, holes tail and can improve the nature of mechanical. Mould pattern require to be performed by treatment to prevent the occuring of inappropiate among small radius and wide radius that to be made sufficiently to guarantee influence of addition. Machinery process represent final solution process before painting is conducted. Scheduling of machinery become compulsion for work which do not permit the existence of interupting


iron ductile, makespan, Mc. Naughton Algorithm

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