Pengukuran Keterampilan Operator Dengan Desain Eksperimen Terhadap Kelompok Operator Mesin Gulung

Lobes Herdiman, Taufiq Rochman


This research evaluate the second data coming from operator report daily. The second data obtained from glue winding machine group, the calculation is conducted by calculating mean production capacities in 1 shift work during 6 month. This calculation uses the assumption that mean production capacities executed by the same raw material in producing manner of geometry of design product done by worker. Approach model uses the graeco-latin square to test anova at level significance 5% from worker skill. The result from this research that worker evacuation from machinery facility to other machinery facility at same job station, have to pay attention to the skilled ability ofworker.


geometric design; graeco-latin square; glue winding machine

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