Retrospective analysis of Marek's disease virus outbreak in 2013 on chicken farms in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Risza Hartawan, Diana Nurjanah, Teguh Suyatno, Any Purwany, Atik Ratnawati, Risa Indriani, Indrawati Sendow, Ni Luh Putu Indi Dharmayanti


Objective: Marek's disease is lymphoma in chicken caused by Marek's disease virus serotype 1 (MDV-1), characterized by paralysis and tumour formation. The disease has caused enormous economic loss worldwide, including in Indonesia. Unfortunately, molecular data related to MDV-1 from Indonesia is limited. Therefore, this study aimed to identify genetic characteristics of MDV-1 causing outbreaks in commercial farms in North Sumatra, Indonesia, 2013.

Methods: The amplification of Meq, pp38, gC, and gE genes of the strain MDN2013 was carried out using the PCR protocol. Fragment gene sequencing was accomplished using the Sanger method. Subsequently, the bioinformatic analyses of BLASTN and phylogenetic tree were applied to analyze the molecular characteristics of these gene sequences.

Results: The Meq, pp38, gC, and gE genes of the strain MDN2013 were successfully sequenced and submitted to the NCBI GenBank database. The Meq genes share a high identity with Asian viruses, mainly those originating from Indonesia, India, and China. The pp38, gC, and gE genes share similarities with other viruses in more diverse regions in Asia, Africa, Europe, and America. The phylogenetic tree analysis of the Meq gene demonstrated specific patterns for pathotype biodiversity where the strain MDN2013 has been categorized as virulent up to very virulent virus.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the molecular approach is an effective tool for investigating the MDV-1 biodiversity in the field, especially the Meq gene sequence analysis.


Indonesia; Marek's; MDV-1; Meq; gC; gE; pp38

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