Yudho Yudhanto, Ahmad Miftakul Qoironi


During this sales system still relies on media interaction with consumers directly and is still centered on the location tertentu.Selain that consumers often kesulit to access a variety of information about the product, the latest price information, media promotion is limited and operating costs are increasing. With the creation of Information Systems Web-based Booking online Pigura is able to overcome it. Making its application using CodeIgniter Framework models 3. The system was developed using a number of other applications that notepad ++, Dreamweaver, PHP and CSS, javascript. Then using to run PhpMyAdminnya as a database server and web browser. Furthermore, designing the architecture of the website. Booking information system is a web-based online picture frame as a means to expand and facilitate service so that it can more effectively and effesien to customers who shop via the web store frames. Within the frame stores are some convenience especially in this website is engaged in penjualann frames ranging from simple models to complex models, this application allows shoppers look for frames that wanted it through the system frame ordering information online. Iniformasi online booking system frame is significantly more desirable because its business processes more dynamic and interactive as well as having a clear differentiation pattern for all societies.


Information Systems, Booking Frames, Javascript, CodeIgniter.

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