Improving Soya Bean Productivity for Poverty Alleviation and Food Security in Upper West Region of Ghana: A Resource Use Efficiency Analysis

Francis Akabo Asodina, Faizal Adams, Fred Nimoh, Camillus Abawiera Wongnaa, Robert Aidoo, Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera


Soya bean is an important economic crop for smallholder farming systems in Upper West Region of Ghana. In spite of the introduction of modern and improved soya bean production technologies in Ghana, the productivity of the crop in the region is still low. Given that inefficient use of resources is a potential course of low yields, this study analyses the resource use efficiency of soya bean production. Using cross-sectional data collected from 271 soya bean farmers from the Upper West Region of Ghana, the study employed the Stochastic Frontier Translog Production Function as well as the ratio of Marginal Value Product to Marginal Factor Cost to understand the resource use efficiency of soya bean farmers in the region. The empirical results showed that the estimated coefficients of soya bean seeds, labor and farm size were significant and positively related to soya bean output even though fertilizer input was surprisingly significantly and negatively related to the output of soya bean. Also, resources employed in soya bean production were found not to be efficiently utilized as they were underutilized, indicating that yield and profit could be improved with optimal use of production inputs. Finally, the paper revealed that access to soya bean threshers is the most important constraint faced by farmers in the region. For the region’s soya bean yield to be improved, government and development organizations should assist soya bean farmers by removing major bottlenecks to acquisition of resources required for the production and postharvest handling of the crop.


resource acquisition; stochastic frontier; threshers; underutilized and yield

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