Peningkatkan Kemampuan Bernyanyi Sesuai Nada Dengan Menggunakan Alat Peraga Buret Di Taman Kanak- Kanak Negeri Pembina Kabupaten Sragen

Yustina Laurentius Sri Mulatsih


This research aims to know students’ singing skill in proper tone taught by buret in State Kindergarten School of Pembina Sragen. Buret was a music instrument created using bamboo and arraged following the music tone. This is an action research conducted in even semester of 2016/2017academic year in two cycles. By using technique of singing with buret, students can sing properly by following the buret tone. The result of this research were (1) students’ was actively engaged to sing in proper tone and followed the teachers’ instruction during learning, (2 ) the number of  students who properly followed the tone was increase at the end of cycle 2. The media of buret is proven to be an alternative medium to teach how to sing in proper tone for kindergarten scool. Teachers were supposed to be mare creative to create other media to engange their students


Singing Skill; Tone; Music Instrumen; Buret

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