Seleksi dan Optimasi Karakter Fisik Bakteri Penghasil Fitase yang Diisolasi dari Sumber Air Panas di Guci, Tegal

Catur Suci Purwati, Sajidan Sajidan, Adi Ratriyanto, Adi Magna Patriadi Nuhriawangsa


The aimed of this study to isolate, select and characterize physically phytase-producing bacteria
from hot springs in the Guci, Tegal. Isolation and enrichment of bacteria using Lurya Betani media
with 2% of phytic acid substrate. Extraction of extracellular phytase thus obtained extract coarse and
optimization by loking at the relative activity at the difference in the resulting product. Phytaseproducing
bacteria can be isolated from the hot springs of the Guci, Tegal with the highest relative
activity in AG2 and AG2-1 colonies. The highest relative activity at a temperature of 55°C, pH 6, the
incubation time of 90 minutes, the substrate concentration of 3% and a metal cofactor Ca2+ at a
concentration of 10-4M. Phytase-producing bacteria can be isolated from a hot spring in Guci, Tegal
and have certain physical characteristics.


Bacteria, hot spring, physical characteristics, phytase, relative activity

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