Journal History

  • GeoEco was first published in January 2015. Journal GeoEco has printed ISSN: 2460-0768, registered since 2015. GeoEco used to be under Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Sebelas Maret with link url, but since publication volume 3 no 1 year 2017 migrate to university journals with url link All published articles have been migrated on the latest web page. GeoEco continues to improve in the hope of becoming a reputable journal in the future. based on the Decree dated September 16, 2017, GeoEco now has an online ISSN of 2597-6044. This ISSN Online is valid for Volume 4 No 1 January 2018 and beyond.
  • Since the publication of volume 4 number 2, the fulltext article of GeoEco is in English because the future vision is to become an international journal
  • Based on the Director General's Decree on Strengthening Research and Development, Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 21/E/KPT/2018, 9 july 2018 Geoeco is accredited with Rank 5 starting from volume 2 number 1 in 2016 to volume 6 number 2 in 2020