Apriliani Ndekaro, Titis Srimuda Pitana, Dwi Hedi Heriyanto


Abstract : Underground music space in Surakarta planning was motivated by an underground music communities in Surakarta but the facilities to accommodate their activities was minim, it was happen because the publics do not like them because their image of underground peoples was negative. The purpose of this design in addition to facilitating the activities of the underground music community where they actually produce a creative things also to inform to public that the image of underground music communities are not negative, so that the perpetrators of underground music is not always behave badly, then there is a psychotherapy applied in the design of the underground music space. The method used in a n underground music space was the method of architectural design as well as methods of healing through with a psychotherapy. The results obtained by the design is able to accommodate the underground music activities to producing creation and psychotherapy system was applied indirectly (non-medical) through the design of buildings and building regulations in the underground music space for make a place who will be accepted by public and will therapy users.


Keywords :  Architecture, underground music, underground music activity, non-medical psychotherapy

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Hasil Wawancara dengan Irfan Fauzi di Unleash Distribution, Surakarta.


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