Endang Siti Rahayu


In the context of business administration at Grobogan corn as one of the central areas of maize production in Central Java will have significant impact on price formation in the corn market Grobogan. Impact is to be seen in this study is the formation of the structure of the market (market structure) corn that could potentially be one of forming a corn prices which in turn will determine the prices received by farmers and their income. The purpose of this study was (1) to diagnose the structure of the market (market structure) corn, (2) mapping and analyzing the corn market concentration ratio and (3) analyze the impact of market structure on price formation in Grobogan.

The method is designed in the form of survey research at the district level who have above average production and selected districts ie District 4 District Tanggungharjo, Grobogan, Wirosari and Geyer. Snowball sampling method is used to take samples of maize traders in business administration with no consideration of the sample frame.

Results of the study obtained results that the structure of the market (market structure) are qualitatively closer oligopoly and monopsony, while the structure of the market (market structure) is quantitatively shown by the magnitude of the concentration ratio, in order to obtain results at the level of the market structure is oligopsonistic village traders who showed that high concentrations traders have a high degree of power to influence the market.set forth in UUPR.

Key words:     market structure, agribusiness corn, concentration ratio, price, revenue

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