Analisis simulasi pengaruh ratio overlap sudu terhadap unjuk kerja savonius horizontal axis water turbine

Hasnul Khuluqi, Syamsul Hadi, Dominicus Danardono


The rainwater which is harvested and flowed in a 3 inch diameter pipe has potential energy that can be used to generate the turbine generator for producing electricity. This paper was focused on horizontal axis savonius turbine with varied blade overlap ratio in picohydro generator. Savonius turbine is known to utilize the drag force and work efficiently at low velocity. The purpose of this research is to find out optimal torque of savonius water turbine, and flow distribution. The results showed that the flow rate of 11.9 l/s with the overlap variation of 0.3 obtained the maximum torque value of 5,22 Nm.

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