Natural Convection Numeric Simulation on Metal Freezing Using Differential Method

Heri Suprianto, Eko Prasetyo Budiana, Purwadi Joko Widodo


The research of modeling of natural convection in metal solidification process with finite different method was conducted to determine temperature distribution and fluid flow profil with variations value Rayleigh number. The research conducted by solving governing equation of natural convection with finite difference approximation. Governing equation of natural convection consist of continuity equation, momentum equations, and energy equation. The ADI (Alternating Directional Implicit) method was used to discriteze for governing equation of natural convection. Finite difference method was written in Fortran language whereas the temperature distribution and fluid flow profile were visualized with Matlab software. The results of this research was validated by comparing the results obtained with Rajiv Sampath research. Comparison of the results of research showed good agreement. The result showed that solidification process occurs faster at Ra 10^4 compared with 10^5 and 10^6

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