Edhi Nurhartadi, R. Baskara Anandito, Bara Yudhistira


Tofu meatballs is a snack that is made from tofu as the mayor
ingredients with meat dough stuffing through the process of steaming and
frying. Tofu meatballs become one of food innovation from tofu which serve
delicious taste. EQ company in Karanggeneng Village, Boyolali District has a
production capacity of 700-800 tofu meatballs on Monday-Saturday and 400
tofu meatballs on holiday. The problems faced by the home-processing in
home industry know meatballs are among others related to the quality of tofu
meatballs that have not met the expectations of buyers. Another obstacle
faced is the stagnant business conditions due to the lack of product
diversification, the equipment used is still limited and simple, the production
capacity is minimal, the packing of tofu meatballs produced is also less
attractive. Program implemented (1) Introduction of production process
know meatballs technology that meets quality management of processed
foods ASUH (safe, healthy, whole and halal); (2) Introduction of appropriate
technology for the processing of tofu meatballs in the form of refrigerator
machinery and other means of production improvement; (3) Introduction of
technological variations of packaging materials such as hand sealer machine;
(4) Management of Food Industry License (PIRT); (5) Simple marketing and
bookkeeping training. This has been set forth in the letter of cooperation
agreement. The results of dedication activities that have been done by the
dedication team are coordinating with partners about problem solving effort,
training on how to make meatball tofu with quality management concept
"ASUH" that is safe, healthy, whole and halal.
Keywords: ASUH, quality, tofu meatballs, production process, management.

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