Nata de coco, nata de soya dan nata de pina Sebagai Peluang Wirausaha Baru bagi Anak Panti Asuhan Yatim Puteri di Surakarta

Widiastuti Agustina Eko Setyowati, Sri Mulyani


IbM activities implemented is training for children in Panti Asuhan Yatim Puteri Aisyiyah Cabang Kota Barat dan Panti Asuhan Yatim Puteri Aisyiyah II Kadipiro to produce nata. The skills in producing nata are suitable for women orphanage because the methode is simple, the tools and materilas are easily obtained and can potentially be used as new enterpreneur. The methodology includes : 1) a test product manufacturing, 2) preparation of modules for training, 3) the provision of tools and training materials, 4) training in producing, harvesting and packing of nata, 5) mentoring activities of production and marketing. Results achieved from this activity are: 1) training activities to produce nata for women orphanage have been completed and get good responses from attendees, 2) trainees can produce 3 nata variant, i.e., nata de coco, nata de soya and nata de pina,3) organoleptic results include the aroma, color, flavor, texture and suppleness, it brings that overall, each variant of the nata has the same favorite level with a value of 5 (scale 7), 4) trainees has marketed its products directly and online by instagram address : @kenesnata.

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