Efektivitas Model Pembelajaran Snowball Throwing dan Talking Stick Terhadap Hasil Belajar Matematika Siswa Sekolah Dasar

Agus Apriyanto, Suharno Suharno, Siti Kamsyiati


This research is a quantitative research that aims to determine whether the Snowball
Throwing learning model can influence learning outcomes of Matehematics that are better and
more effective than the Talking Stick learning model on addition and subtraction of various
fractions students in grade V. The research used the eksperimental research method whit pretest
post-test control group design. Its population was all of students in Grade V of State
Primary School in target area Imam Bonjol of Laweyan Sub-district in Academic Year
2017/2018. Cluster Random Sampling was used to determine its samples. They consisted of
the students in Grade V of State Primary School Totosari No.102 and students in Grade V of
State Primary School Tunggulsari I No.72.the data of research were collected through test of
learning result in Mathematics. Prior to application, the test was experimented at State Primary
School Tunggulsari II No.179. they were analyzed by using the statistical t test at the signifikan
level of 0.05. the result of the research shows that the aplplication of the Snowball Throwing
and Talking Stick learning model can affect the students’ learning result in mathematics.
((thitung = 2,056; t < - 1,989atau t > 1,989). The results of this study it can be concluded that
students who are taught with the Snowball Throwing model have learning outcomes in addition
material and a reduction in various forms of fractions better than student learning outcomes
that are taught with the Talking stick model.


Snowball Throwing; Talking Stick; hasil belajar matematika; penjumlahan dan pengurangan berbagai bentuk pecahan

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