Correlation between People’s Behavior and the Water that Wells Up in the Kaliyasa River, Cilacap

Edbert Lintang P.N. Satrio, Muhammad Rafi Rahardian, Rayhan Arrazaq, Salma Ardelia Darmastuti, Syarifuddin Mahfudh Yudhanto


As time goes by and the world's population is increasing, the world's water supply will decrease and become a serious problem if there is no sustainable management. The case of decreasing water quality occurred in the Kaliyasa River, Cilacap Regency which was caused by a lack of public awareness of the environment and there were industries that also dumped their remaining production into the river without being processed or neutralized again.This study aims to assess the quality of dug well water using several parameters, examine the behavior of the surrounding community, and assess the relationship between community behavior and the quality of dug well water. This study used a survey method. The sampling of well water is determined by stratified sampling. The results of this study can be concluded that some of the measured parameters indicate that the Kaliyasa River is polluted, then the behavior pattern of the people who are accustomed to disposing of household waste into the river becomes polluted, then there is a relationship between community behavior and the quality of dug wells.


water quality, survey method, community behavior, stratified sampling, Kaliyasa River

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