Decision Support Systems to Determine the Location of Business Branches using AHP method and Map Visualization (Case Study Toko Ivo Busana Padang).

Nanda Farhanah, Bambang Harjito, Rini Anggrainingsih


Clothing business is an area of business which is increasingly preferred by entrepreneurs. However it requires a consideration in making a decision on opening a branch store. One of the mistakes in opening a branch of business is in choosing the location which can pose some risks of big profit loss. So it needs a system that can help to provide recommendations in selecting the location of the business branch. In this study, AHP method and a map visualization are being used. Eight criteria, such as price, area, safety, legality license, distance from other branches, the number of compatitors, the distance from the highway, and the distance from the target marketing are used. Each of these criteria is given weight based on the weighting of Thomas L. Saaty. And its consistency is calculated using consistency using AHP method. If the weights of all criteria are consistent, they can be used as references to provide a ranking of a suitable business branch location. Result of the research shows that the weights of these criteria are consistent. There are three steps of testing, which are functional testing, calculation testing, and user evaluation. The test results prove that this system is able to provide recommendations in selecting the location of the business branch according to the needs of business users.


Analytic Hirearchy Process; AHP; business branch locations; map visualization.


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