Comparison of NoSQL Database Performance with SQL Server Database on Online Airplane Ticket Booking

Nadea Cipta Laksmita, Erwin Apriliyanto, I Wayan Pandu, Kusrini Rini


Flight ticket booking services have become more advanced, where bookings can be made through the android / iOS application and through a web browser, ticket reservations, no longer have to come to travel agents or come to the airport to book plane tickets. In this study using an online ticket booking database where one database uses the NoSQL database and another database uses SQL Server. The purpose of this research is to test the performance of NoSQL speed with SQL Server with the Insert, Delete and Select commands. The testing method uses 100 records, 500 records, 1000 records, and 5000 records, with each record being tested four times and then taken on average. The results of this study are that the NoSQL database Insert command has a speed 4 times faster than the SQL Server database for under 500 records, whereas above 500 NoSQL database records 5 times slower, the Delete NoSQL database command has a speed 3 times faster than the SQL database Server, and the command Select 1 NoSQL database table 55 times faster than SQL Server databases, while 2 NoSQL database tables are 18 times slower than SQL Server databases, while 3 NoSQL database tables are 10 times slower than SQL Server databases, whereas 4 database tables NoSQL is 16 times slower than SQL Server databases.


NoSQL, SQL Server, Online Airplane Ticket Booking

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