Conferec (Conference CMS)

Sahirul Alim Tri Bawono, Fendi Aji Purnomo, Agus Purnomo, Rizky Nuzuliati


Conference is a medium for researchers to exchange experiences. The organization of the website requires registration management, review and payment process. Web site conference management is required for these processes.

Making CMS Conference using MySQL, Apache, PHP, Codeigniter.MySQL is a program to manage the database. Apache is a program to serve the process of response and demand that is on the internet. PHP is a programming language. Codeigniter is a framework to facilitate the process of coding the program.

Results resulting from this research is CMS Conference has been successfully created with no found syntax error and error logic in the program. The main features are the management of conference display, acceptance management articles, review process management, management of the process of receiving articles and payment management



System, Conference, Website.

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