Pengaruh Corporate Image Pada Customer Satisfaction Yang Dimediasi oleh Servicescape dan Employees

Siti Khoiriyah, Ira Hidayati


The purpose of this study examined the role of servicescape (physic environment) and employees (employees’ service) in mediating the influence of corporate image to customer satisfaction. This research used questionnaires to collect the data. Using convenience sampling, sample of this study was 195 people who ever do a treatment in one of Skin Care Yogyakarta.Validity and reliability test was done to make ascertain the quality of data. SEM AMOS was applied to test the hypotheses have been formulated. The result supported the five hypothesis empirically, corporate image significant influence to the customer satisfaction, corporate image significant influence to employees, employees significant influence to customer satisfaction, corporate image significant influence to servicescape, servicescape significant influence to customer satisfaction.In this study, the limitation and implication of the study were also elaborated. It was for giving the guideline in practical aspect, theoretic, and future study.

Keywords:  corporate image, employees, servicescape, customer satisfaction

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