Analisis Fenotipik dan Genotipik pada Abnormalitas Klon-klon Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Hasil Kultur Jaringan

Endang Yuniastuti


Research to analyze phenotype and genotype of oil palm clone developed from tissue culture which showed normal fruits and abnormal fruits through SDS-PAGE protein technique, and RAPD technique. Result indicated that protein with molecular weight of 100 kDa could differentiate genotype with normal fruit and abnormal fruit from all clones observed. Study on DNA through RAPD technique revealed primers which differentiated genotypes (male flowered genotype, normal fruited genotype, and abnormal fruited genotype) within clone and interclonal, i.e. OPC-07, OPN-16, and SC 10-56. Molecular weight of DNA on zymogram bands pattern were different on each clone.

Genetic similarity among clones and among genotypes were high, more than 85% indicated close genetic distance. Dendogram based on matrix of genetic similarity indicated grouping on each genotype.


phenotype; genotype; tissue culture

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