Dara Cipta Andini, Eddy Tri Haryanto, Djoko Purnomo


Garlic is one of the important horticultural crops in Indonesia so that the needs increas from year to year. In Indonesia plant material (seed) for cultivating garlic always uses comsumption bulb. The impact of that technique in a long time that the yield gradually decrease by virus infection from preliminary crop. The aim of the research was to find out of seed plant material which virus free by in vitro propagation technology. Acclimatitation is one of succesfuly determination in invitro propagation. Research by the experiment was to study the ability of New Tawangmangu, Gunung Kidul, and Bali garlic varieties on acclimatitation in several light intensity (by paranet shading). The results showed that the totipotency of the garlic varieties was high but in acclimatitation by the shading technique just survived two weeks only. The failure of acclimatitation was range of temperature 12-37°C.



garlic; light intensity; shade

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