Physiological and Yield of Soybean Under Kayu Putih (Melaleuca cajuputi subsp. cumingiana) Stands with N, P, and K Fertilization on Lithic Haplustert

Roni Ismoyojati, Tohari Tohari, Priyono Suryanto, Fajrin Pramana Putra


Fertilization of N, P, and K on soybean planted under Kayu Putih stands to serve to increase soil nutrients. Lithic Haplustert is a subgroup of Vertisol with a relatively low fertility and organic matter with a heavy clay texture. This research aims to determine the response of soybean to the application of N, P, and K fertilizers on the Lithic Haplustert in physiology and yield. This research was conducted from February to May 2015 in the Srikoyo hamlet, Menggoran village, Playen district, Gunungkidul regency, Yogyakarta. The experimental design is split-split plot with three levels of fertilization of N (0, 25, 50 kg urea ha-1), P (0, 150, 300 kg SP-36 ha-1), and K (0, 75, 150 kg KCl ha-1). The results showed that the application of 50 kg urea ha-1 and 300 kg SP-36 ha-1 can increase the leaf area and photosynthesis rate. Dosage 150 kg KCl ha-1 fertilizer increased the concentration of N, P, and K in the plant tissues significantly.


Soybean; Fertilizer; Photosynthetic rate; Vertisol

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