Analysis Of Innovations Of Healthy Drinking Investigation Of Soybean In People's Empowerment By Through Entrepreneurs In Sukoharjo District

Solichah Rohmani, Fea Prihapsara, Adi Yugatama


Abstract: The analysis of the stages of innovation of healthy beverages made from
soybeans is done to analyze the stages of product innovation starting from the stages of
idea development, idea filtering, concept development and testing, development of
marketing strategy, business analysis, product development, market testing, and
commercialization. The method used is qualitative descriptive method by collecting
primary data by conducting direct observation in the form of interview with owner, and
next step by distributing questioner for consumer. From the evaluation results show that
the idea was born from the external side, with the innovation of several variations of
flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and dragon fruit. Target consumers are
consumers who care about health and school children or adolescents. Determination of
marketing strategy and market testing using marketing mix and sales wave.
Commercialization of the product is done in some school canteen in Sukoharjo district.
Keywords: Product Innovation Stage, Healthy Drink, Soybean, Sukoharjo District

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