Analysis of Iron (Fe) in SPAM UNS Drinking Water Using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometric Method

Saptono Hadi


Abstract: In this research, iron (Fe) in water from SPAM UNS was analyzed, where Fe
level is one of the parameters of drinking water quality. Sampling was done at 3 sampling
points, i.e. raw water, post-filtration water, and water at the distribution point. and
analysis was then performed using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (SSA). The external
calibration curve was used as a quantification technique. The results showed that Fe
content in raw water, post-filtration water, and water at distribution point were 0.2; 0.06;
and 0.05 mg/L, which meet drinking water quality based on Permenkes RI No.
492/MENKES/PER/IV/2010, i.e. below 0.3 mg/L. There was significant decrease of Fe
level after water treatment process by filtration. The distribution process through the
pipeline system does not affect on the increasing of Fe level in drinking water.
Keywords: drinking water, SPAM UNS, Fe, AAS

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