Rizki Afrizal


West Lampung Regency is one of the center's robusta coffee production in Lampung. However, the limited ability of human resources and capital resulted in less than optimal post-harvest processing. It was coupled with the long and complicated marketing chain for robusta coffee in West Lampung Regency. This study aims to identify internal and external factors of robusta coffee marketing in West Lampung Regency, formulate alternative strategies that can be applied by West Lampung Regency and determine strategic priorities that West Lampung Regency can apply. The basic method used in this research is the descriptive method. The method of data collection uses the interview. The analytical tools used in the study are 1) IFE (Internal Factors Evaluation) and EFE (External Factors Evaluation) matrix to evaluate internal and external factors, 2) Grand Strategy Matrix to determine strategic positions, 3) SWOT (Strength-Weaknesses-Opportunity-Threads) Matrix to determine alternative strategic, 4) QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix) to determine strategic priorities. The results show that strategy namely forming partnerships between farmers and exporting companies with support from the government has a total TAS (Total Attractiveness Score) with the enormous value of 4.7162. Based on these results, forming partnerships between farmers and exporter companies with support from the government is the best strategy for increasing the marketing of robusta coffee in the West Lampung Regency.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy, IFE, EFE, SWOT, QSPM

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