MITIGASI, KESIAPSIAGAAN, DAN ADAPTASI MASYARAKAT TERHADAP BAHAYA KEKERINGAN, KABUPATEN GROBOGAN (Implementasi Sebagai Modul Konstektual Pembelajaran Geografi SMA Kelas X Pokok Bahasan Mitigasi Bencana)

Dwi Hastuti, Sarwono sarwono, Chatarina Muryani


Mitigation, preparedness, and public adaptation for drought hazard in Grobogan regency
(implementation as a contextual learning module of High School Geography Class X in the disaster
mitigation subject). Postgraduate thesis. Supervisor I: Dr. Sarwono, M.Pd, II: Prof. Dr. Chatarina Muryani,
M.Si. Graduate Program in Population and Environmental Education. Sebelas Maret University Surakarta.
The goals of this study are to determine: (1) public mitigation for drought hazard (2) public preparedness for
drought hazard (3) public adaptation for drought hazard in Grobogan regency (4) the implementation of
public mitigation, preparedness, and adaptation in Grobogan regency as supplement of contextual learning
module on disaster mitigation material in class X Social Science Program.This research is descriptive
qualitative. The subject of this research was the residents of Grobogan which experience drought and the
government (BPBD). The sample was collected using cluster random sampling technique.The sample for this
research was 120 respondens of 5 districts.The result of this research reveals: (1) drought mitigation in
Grobogan resident is done by residents and government by constructing retention basins, creating drilled
wells, building water tank, reforesting, and improving irrigation channels. The government also conducting
socialization of drought mitigation and implementing community sanitation program (Pamsimas) (2) public
preparedness to face drought is done by residents by creating personal water tank, deepening their well, and
preparing reserve fund before the drought. The socialization of preparedness to face the drought is also done
by the government. (3) the adaptations which are done to face the drought are: cropping pattern adaptation,
efficient water usage, provision of allocation of funds to purchase clean water from private, and maintaining
health and providing medicine to face the disease due to drought. (4) the implementation in education, this
research is then implemented as contextual learning modules of mitigation and drought adaptation strategy
which is can be used in disaster mitigation material in class X second semester in 2013 curriculum. In the
tried out of the module which is conducted for second semester students of class X SMA N 1 Wirosari,
Grobogan regency. The responses given by a team of experts, geography teachers and the students were
Keywords: mitigation, preparedness, adaptation, implementation

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