Fitri Kurnia Dewi, Maya Andria Nirawati, Hari Yuliarso


Designing Modern Dance Center in Yogyakarta motivated by the high public interest, especially among teenagers towards modern dance. The development of modern dance and many art events of modern dance especially in Yogyakarta, which  the largest are Gatsby Dance Competition is held once a year, and United Dance World, held every two years, the main attraction of modern dance lovers community to creation and develop themselves. In addition, the modern dance community in Yogyakarta who have limited space and want a complete facilities, as well as comfort in doing activities, the purpose of this scheme is to make the concept of a platform for modern dance community in Yogyakarta with a view shape of the building that expresses movement of modern dance. Design issues are: how to realize the visual appearance of the building to express the movement of modern dance into the building design of Modern Dance Center. Characteristics are taken, namely the dynamic character embodied through order to see the buildings and mass; aesthetic character is realized through the interior view of the building, wall elements, and mass composition; and the contrast of the characters is realized through the whole mass. The method used is the method of architectural design. The result obtained is a design of a container for the modern dance community in Yogyakarta with the display form of the building expresses the characteristics of the modern dance movement.


Keywords: Architecture, Architectural Metaphor, Characteristics of Modern Dance, Modern Dance Center.

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