Agung Prasetyo Luhur Utomo, Widi Suroto, Musyawaroh Musyawaroh


Abstract: - Globalization and technological development impact on all sectors, one of which is an graphic design activity. Shift function graphic design, the development of design services and the emergence of community graphic design is the impact. The background design of Graphic Design Center By Metaphore Architectural Approach Case Study In Yogyakarta is the number of service providers graphic design that require a space to promotion, communities graphic design in Yogyakarta and the design of the course place that are unreflection the character of graphic design. The purpose is to realize the physical character of graphic design as a place of cultural development and activities of graphic design. The problems design is how to realize the character of graphic design into the physical form of the building. Methods used is the Metaphore Architectural approach to bring up the visual code form the characteristic and element of graphic design into the bulding through the process of analogy. The results obtained is the design of the graphic design center that reflecting the character of graphic design as a place of the development design activities and community of graphic design in Yogyakarta.

Key words: Graphic design, visual code, element graphic design, metaphore architecture

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