Penerapan Arsitektur Metafora Pada Bangunan Pusat Mode di Kota Surakarta

Leoni Noor Damarani, Widi Suroto Suroto, Tri Yuni Iswati


Metaphorical architecture is the way to understand something by comparing them with some familiar ideas or objects, so it gains a better perception. The application of Metaphorical Architecture in Fashion Center Building serves to bring up the image of activities performed inside the building through borrowing some concrete things inside it as a visualization of the forms in fashion to attract visitors, while the abstracts forms are to be function to create some atmosphere inside the building to reinforce the first impression and some fashion’s characteristics in it.

In view years, mode has grown enormously. Fashion that initially served as a basic needs of human being, has now evolved into one of the necessities to show the social identity of society. Surakarta has some potential part in developing fashion availability which is supported by the availability of various kind of Batik which has been known in the world wide. Many of fashion activities has done by Surakarta’s Government started in 2008 and will be growing till 20 years ahead. The number of actors fashion has been increasing by this 10 years and not balanced with the availability of fashion mode facilities. 

Keywords: fashion mode, metaphorical architecture, surakarta

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