Kekuatan Pembuktian Keterangan Ahli Perfilman Dan Keberhasilan Penuntutan Perkara Pelanggaran Undang-Undang Pornografi

Arif Dharmawan


     The results showed that the strength of proof in the case of expert information, circulation of VCD / DVD Porn is free and is not binding on the judge. In the case of Trafficking Pornographic VCDS / DVDs, this turned out to be the judge in deciding the accused not merely of a description of the expert witnesses in the Censorship from the Film. This can be seen the presence of the influence of an instrument of evidence information expert against freedom judge in air-drop the dealy against the defendant that can be found in rather judge. The role of an expert who came from the institutions censorship films in the investigation at a judicial trial against cases pengedaran VCD / DVD, porn is giving a description which is that of other about the importance of wants to use, license if circulate, and sells an album whose recordings VCD which have issued or produced by businessman recording, with the aim of commercial evidence in the form of VCD was DVD not pass censorship and explain the differences VCD that pass censor by who did not pass a sensor. This is because the judge is not a person skilled in all things. Judge may meet problems that cannot be solved on the basis of the science which they shall inherit it.

     Keywords : Expert Information, Of Verifiable, Pornography, Ruling The Judge


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