Peran Alat Bukti Keterangan Ahli Dalam Perkara Tindak Pidana Menyimpan Rupiah Palsu

Hanum Hapsari


      Research aims to determine the role evidence of expert evidence and the implications for consideration the judge of surakarta district court  in examining and deciding the case as stated in verdict number: 22/Pid.Sus./2015/PN.Skt. The method used the normative law research. Sources of law materials used the primary law and secondary law materials.

     Based on verdict number: 22/Pid.Sus./2015/PN.Skt. in criminal act case of saving fake Rupiahs with ANDREA DEDY WAHYONO Alias DEDY as defendant, to prove defendant’s fault, Prosecutor presented NAUFAL NOVALIES ASKHA from Bank Indonesia (BI) as an expert in Rupiahs currency. The role of evidence of expert evidence against criminal act case saving fake Rupiahs is necessary to made a case clear and obtained a conviction for the judge in deciding a case. Consideration Surakarta district court judge  against expert evidence  in criminal act case saving fake Rupiahs that has probative value and therefore evidence expert evidence Rupiah associated with other evidence in accordance with valid evidence according to article 184, paragraph (1) of Criminal Procedure Code establish a conviction for the judge in examining and deciding the case. Experts giving description based on the capability and knowledge which it owns and can be used as consideration for the judge to make a decision. judges are not bound as well as independent to evaluate the expert evidence.

     Keywords: Evidence, Expert Evidence, Fake Rupiahs.

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