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Public welfare according to United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is measured by Human Development Index (HDI) constituting a composite indicator of three indicators in development sector: education, health, and economy. The goals of HDI by UN were accomplished into Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Two of the eight goals MGDs associated with Family Planning-Health Program, namely : (1) Reduce child mortality under five years of age, and (2) Improve maternal health.

Based on the International Conference on Population and Development, (ICPD) in Cairo, Egypt (1994), agreed to change the paradigm in the management of population and development, the approach population control and fertility decline to be an approach that focused on reproductive health and effort to fulfill reproductive rights.

There are five points in the era of decentralization  of Revitalization Posyandu namely: (1) Posyandu is an effort to meet basic health needs and improving nutritional status of communities, (2) Posyandu able to act as a forum for community-based primary health care, (3) The implementation of integrated health community need to be gathered all the strength to participate actively in accordance with its capabilities, (4) Posyandu should be continued as an effort of human resources development investments are carried out uniformly, (5) Regions governments to promote and coordinate their implementation by involving the role of the community.

In the era of decentralization, the implementation of the Family Planning-Health Integrity Program (Posyandu) is highly dependent on the willingness, commitment, and political decisions Regions Government. For the activities of Family Planning-Health Integrity Program (Posyandu) should be supported by advocacy activities to stakeholders and decision-makers regions, so as to obtain political support and adequate program resources.

Formation and implementation Posyandu should be done through approach Village Community Health Development (PKMD), namely a systematic series of activities, planned and directed to explore, enhance, and direct community participation in order to exploit the existing potential, in order to solve the health problems they face.

Keywords:   Family Planning-Health Integrity Program (Posyandu), ecentralization, Village Community Health Development (PKMD)

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