DIFUSI DAN ADOPSI INOVASI PENANGGULANGAN KEMISKINAN (Studi Difusi dan Adopsi Inovasi dalam Layanan “Mbela Wong Cilik” Unit Pelayanan Terpadu Penanggulangan Kemiskinan (UPTPK) di Kabupaten Sragen)

Ayu Mutiara Annur


Mbela Wong Cilik Service in UPTPK of Sragen Regency is the first cross-sector integrated unit in Indonesia to deal with poverty in Sragen Regency.

This study explained how the diffusion process “Mbela Wong Cilik” service innovation in UPTPK of Sragen Regency and adoption by the poor people in that area.

The factors smoothing the diffusion were UPTPK services was compatibel with social economic condition of poor people, communication of behavior, and characteristic of society who opened with innovation and opinion leader roles. Meanwhile, the inhibiting factors included ineffectively use of mass media, education, lack of roles the society communicating innovations to others, and information bias occurring frequently.

Key words:     diffusion, adoption, adopter categories

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