Anisa Praulfi Belasiswanti, Priska Meilasari


Abstract: This research aimed at describing the kinds of directive utterances especially the commands force and to explain the translation techniques used in producing Green Book movie’s subtitle. In this study, the researcher uses Kreidler’s theory to classify the directive utterances in the movie subtitle and Molina & Albir’s theory to define the translation techniques used in producing the subtitle. This is a qualitative research with document analysis as the data collection technique. All of the data are taken from the utterances and the subtitle of Green Book movie. Based on the analysis, out of the 152 directive utterances, commands are the type of directive utterances which are commonly found. Those commands are generally translated by the combination of establish equivalent and reduction techniques. It implies that the translator seek to find the best equivalent of source language in the target and reduce or delete some insignificant parts of the utterances. The use of the two techniques indicates that the translator tries to make the translation easily understood by making it as simple and as short as possible.  Thus, space and time limitations in subtitling affect how the translator translated the directive utterance commands in Green Book movie.


translation technique; directive utterances; commands; subtitling; Green Book movie

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