Indah Rohmayani


Abstract: This study aims to describe the denotative and connotative meanings in an oral literary work in the form of syiiran. This type of research is qualitative research. The object of this research is in the form of syiiran in the mosque and mosque in the Rembang Regency. The data source is in the form of primary data obtained from streams in Musolla and Mosque in the Rembang Regency. Besides secondary data sources in the form of literature review obtained from several relevant writings. Data collection techniques in the form of observation with the technique of listening, recording and recording the sound that was echoed in the Musholla and the Mosque of  Rembang Regency. The data is then analyzed based on semantic theory, specifically on denotative and connotative meanings on syiiran. The results of the study showed that in syiir verses contain denotative and connotative meanings. The denotative meaning in the poem consists of six data that have the essence of moral and religious values which are expressed in factual diction and based on daily life. The connotative meanings generated from this study are six data findings that are indicated to contain connotative or figurative meanings. The resulting meaning is in the form of enhancements such as rangkulan rina lan wengi, den tancepake jero dhadha, atine peteng, pepaese gebyaring dunya, ngandelake iman lan tauhide, kotor ati akale, and baguse sangu. From some of the data indicated to contain connotative meaning as a whole, it provides a function as increasing the value of the taste expressed in these poetic verses.


Denotative meaning; Connotative meaning; Syiiran

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