Peranan Jasa Ekosistem dalam Perencanaan Kebijakan Publik di Perkotaan

Dea Chintantya, Maryono Maryono


Natural ecosystems have an important role in various aspects of human life, either directly or indirectly.
However, natural ecosystems are often considered less valuable because the ecosystem services provided
largely public goods that do not have a clear market price. Currently, There are a serious threat to natural
ecosystems, especially in urban areas caused by growth in both population size, consumption, and human
activities. The assessment of environmental services is very important in the process of formulating public
policy in order to realize sustainable development because in previous studies it is known that these
environmental services contribute significantly to the welfare of the community. In this paper, several previous
national and international literature and research studies have been used to establish a theoretical framework
for the identification of ecosystem services in urban areas and their role in the process of urban dan public
policy planning. Identification of urban ecosystem services focuses on crops and trees on road corridors, urban
parks, urban forests, cultivated land or yard, water bodies (rivers and lakes), and wetlands.


Ecosystem Services, Ecosystem Services Valuation, Public Policy Planning, Urban Planning

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