Kepadatan Populasi Lutung Jawa (Trachypithecus auratus) di Cagar Alam Kecubung Ulolanang Kabupaten Batang

Ervina Rahmawati, Jafron Wasiq Hidayat


Ebony leaf monkey is an endemic species in Java. Nowadays its habitat is threatened and the population is decreasing continuously. Conservation efforts to avoid their extinction need to be done accurate and urgently. Up to date data about ebony leaf monkey’s population is important to be reported. This data is usefull to the stakeholders for taking decisions in the future management. This research was carried out from April to May 2017. In order to estimate the density of ebony leaf monkey population in Kecubung Ulolanang Nature Preservation, Batang, it was collected data by purposive sampling with concentrated count method. The estimated population density, devided in 3 groups and total population sizes were 0,62 individual/hectare and 43 individuals respectively. The age structure of the population including infant of 11 Individuals, juvenile 11 individuals and adult 21 individuals.


population, ebony leaf monkey, kecubung ulolanang nature preservation

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