Asri Nursiwi, Rohula Utami, Edhi Nurhartadi


Kenteng Village Puntukrejo is one of the industrial centers of
processed sweet potato in Karanganyar Regency. Processed purple sweet
potato products produced include bakpia, wingko, and ice cream.
Generally, the problems that occur in the sweet potatoes processing are
the equipment used is not in accordance with the standards for the food
industry, the limited amount of equipment, hygiene and sanitation during
processing is not considered so as to bring the risk of contamination to the
end product, as well as stagnant business conditions because the absence
of product diversification and limited marketing area. To solve the
problem through this program of dedication will be done (1) Introduction
of appropriate technology for the processing of sweet potato; (2) Training
of food industry management; (3) Introduction of processing technology
for 'cassava leaf chips' as an effort to diversify products; (4) IT-based
marketing training; (5) as well as facilitation of testing of nutrient content
on the end product. Through this dedication activity has been done
Introduction of processing technology for 'cassava leaf chips' as the effort
of product diversification. To improve product quality and production
capacity has been given the equipment in the form of oven, large capacity
mixer, wingko molding, freezer, analytical scales, stainless steel basin, and
stainless steel table. Food industry management training in the form of
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training has been given to ensure
quality and safe the products. It also provides IT-based marketing training
to improve product marketing. The results of laboratory analysis, purple
sweet potato bakpia has water content 33.29%, mineral content 1.51%, fat
content 11.91%, protein content 9.34%, carbohydrate content 43.95%, and
antioxidant activity 6.20%. Purple sweet potato wingko has water content
34.47%, mineral content 1.32%, fat content 11.70%, protein content 3.06%,
and carbohydrate content 49.45%. While the cassava leaf chips has water
content 5.39%, mineral content 5.23%, fat content 32.66%, protein content
8.59%, and carbohydrate content 48.13%.
Keywords: sweet potato, bakpia sweet potato, wingko sweet potato,
cassava leaf chips, Ngargoyoso

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