PENGEMBANGAN DODOL WORTEL Desa Gondosuli Kecamatan Tawangmangu Kabupaten Karanganyar

Setyowati Setyowati, Fanny Widadie


During this time the carrot farmer groups in the village Gondosuli, Tawangmangu have constraints in the development of agribusiness carrots from the upstream aspects, on- farm up to downstream. And one of the main problems here is the difficulty in increasing production and the sale value of the carrots produced. Therefore devotion here is doing the processing and marketing technology introduction lunkhead carrots ie processing tools lunkhead carrots, entrepreneurship training and food processing carrots. Activity introduction of post-harvest technology is urgently needed by the farmer groups carrots Gondosuli in increasing production and selling value during the carrots that have a low value. Stages of activities that have been done of this devotion is in the form of the manufacture and provision of tools dodol carrots , entrepreneurial training and management of agro- carrots.

Keywords : Carrot, Processing Technology and Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Dodol


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