Author Guide: Updated Publication Ethics

📢 Important Announcement for Prospective Authors! 📚🔬

At JIPTEK: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Teknik dan Kejuruan, we highly value ethical research practices and are committed to upholding the rights and well-being of research participants. We would like to bring your attention to our renewed emphasis on the confidentiality and anonymity of research participants in published articles. 🤐

🔒 Maintaining confidentiality and ensuring anonymity are crucial aspects of conducting ethical research, especially in the field of technical and vocational education. As such, we kindly request all prospective authors to adhere to the following guidelines:

1️⃣ Protect Participant Identities: Authors should ensure that the identities of research participants, including students, teachers, and industry professionals, are kept strictly confidential. Any identifying information, such as names, photographs, or specific details that can lead to identification should be appropriately safeguarded or altered.

2️⃣ Use Pseudonyms or Codes: When referring to individual participants, authors are encouraged to use pseudonyms or codes to protect their privacy. This includes both in-text references and any data presented in tables, figures, or supplementary materials.

3️⃣ Obtain Informed Consent: Authors should provide a clear description of the informed consent process followed in their research. Participants should have given explicit consent for their involvement, including the publication of their anonymized data. Authors must ensure that proper consent forms have been obtained and that ethical guidelines and institutional regulations have been followed.

4️⃣ Respect Privacy: Authors should respect the privacy of research participants and refrain from including any personal or sensitive information that is not directly relevant to the research objectives. Care should be taken to avoid any potential harm or negative consequences for the individuals involved.

🔍 These guidelines are designed to safeguard the ethical principles of research and protect the rights and dignity of research participants. By adhering to these principles, we can collectively contribute to the advancement of knowledge in technical and vocational education while ensuring the highest standards of ethical research.

📖 For detailed information on our publication ethics and guidelines, please refer to the JIPTEK website: []

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📢 Join us in our commitment to conducting ethical research and respecting the confidentiality and anonymity of research participants. Together, we can make a positive impact in the field of technical and vocational education! 💡

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