The influence of AC driving current on magnetoimpedance in [Ni80Fe20/Cu]x/Cu/[Ni80Fe20/Cu]6-x multilayers

Dian Afif Rusydan, Ismail Ismail, Artono Dwijo Sutomo, Utari Utari, Budi Purnama


The phenomenon of magnetoimpedance in the multilayer configuration of [Ni80Fe20/Cu]x/Cu/[Ni80Fe20/Cu]6-x with x = 1, 2, and 3 has been successfully investigated. The electrodeposition method used for the multilayer film preparation on the meander pattered of Cu PCB. The obtained multilayer samples were evaluated the MI effect at room temperature with a frequency of 100 kHz. Here, the MI effects were evaluated for a variation of the AC driving current i.e. IAC = 4 mA, 8 mA, 12 mA, 16 mA, and 20 mA. The MI measurement results show that the multilayer x = 3 has the largest MI ratio and the multilayer with x = 1 was the smallest one. It is indicated that interlayer coupling contributes to the MI effect.  Whereas the skin depth also confirms to contribute the MI ratio that showed the MI ratio increase with the increase of the IAC.


Magnetoimpedance, multilayers thin film, electrodeposition

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