Study of co-precipitated nanomaterials magnetic MnxCo1-xFe2O4 (with x = 0.50 & 0.75) for Photocatalyst Application in MB degradation

Wahid Sidik Sarifuddin, Utari Utari, Budi Purnama


The crystalline structure and magnetic properties of Mn1-xCoxFe2O4 (x = 0 & 0.25) was studied in this report. The ferrite materials were synthesized by the chemical co-precipitation method and calcinated at 1000oC for 5 hours. The obtained materials were characterized by FTIR, XRD and VSM, and for photocatalytic activity was measured by UV-Vis spectrometer. Vibration bands at tetrahedral and octahedral site were corresponded by  = 581.56 cm-1 and  = 465.83 cm-1 and 474.51 cm-1 . The obtained ferrite were confirmed by XRD as spinel structure and shown that the addition of number of Mn decreased crystallite size (D) and x-ray density (ρx), but lattice constants (a) increased. The crystallite size of samples with x = 0.50 was 34.85 nm, and x = 0.75 was 32.17 nm. The magnetic properties of nanoparticles shown that magnetization saturation (Ms)from 42.05 emu/g to 54.16 emu/g increased with the addition of number of Mn. The coercive field (Hc)decreased from 408.27 Oe to 258.37 Oe. Photocatalytic activity was observed by UV-Vis spectrometer, where percentage of MB degradation (E) increase with the addition of number on Mn from 49.08% to 69.06%, either rate constant (kapp) and half life time (t1/2).  Furthermore, ferrite material base Mn-Co-ferrite has good characteristic to applied for photocatalyst.


Crystalline structure, magnetic properties, manganese cobalt ferrite, chemical co-precipitation, photocatalyst, Methylene Blue

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