Riina Syivarulli


Society is an essential consideration which has a very important role in helping to overcome problems and concerns in the field of technology. Community involvement and participation has become research for technology assessment. From this involvement came two views, namely acceptance and rejection of the community. This study aims to determine public acceptance and engagement about renewable geothermal energy in the world. In this literature review, the research method used is System Literature Review (SLR). This method consists of six stages, research questions (RQ), search strategy design, study selection, quality assessment, data extraction, and data synthesis. Based on the results of research that has been done it is known that the lack of community involvement causes the rejection of energy projects in general. It also resulted in the emergence of distrust of information from the company to the public. The public, industry, stakeholders and the media have a very important role and a very close relationship to increase public acceptance and engagement of geothermal energy. Therefore, both from the industry itself (internal) as well as from the public and stakeholders (external) must be involved in increasing public acceptance of geothermal energy.


Public acceptance, public engagement, geothermal energy

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