Riyadi Muslim, Indah Widiastuti, Danar Susilo Wijayanto


Proper watering system will increase plant growth. Water become important part of dragon fruits growth, it should be fullfilled and controlled. A village with soil characteristic mostly hilly topography, dry, less of water, rocky, and limited plant (dry plant only) need special treatment for being a planting land. But it has some local wisdom exists, the most popular are dragon fruits. A drip irrigation system is applied as an innovation of watering plants method. Water distribute through capillary tube, driply through the plant and controlled, called drip irrigation system. The aim of this reseach to explain the use of  drip irrigation system on dragon fruit plant. Observation and experimental studies has conducted, the community considers drip irrigation as a new technology, presentations show that it is suitable to be applied in their area. This implementation able to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation through dragon fruits in the village. Futhermore, the implementation of this technology can be used as a real work example to build a better Indonesia.


innovation; drip irrigation system; dragon fruit plant

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