Improvement of Social Science Learning In The Theme “My Hero” Through Scientific Approach With Video To Fourth Grade Students of Sd Negeri Kledungkradenan In Academic Year Of 2020/2021

Reza Adhitama, Wahyudi Wahyudi, Muhamad Chamdani


The study aimed: (1) to describe the application of scientific approach with video, (2) to improve social science learning, (3) to describe the constraints and solutions. The research was collaborative classroom action research (CAR) conducted in three cycles. The subjects were teacher and students. The data collection techniques were tests, and non-tests. Data analysis included data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The results showed that: (1) the steps to the application of scientific approach with video in improving social science learning were watching video, asking questions based on video, collecting information from video, reasoning based on video, communicating; (2) the application of scientific approach with video improved social science learning. It was proved by the increasing of average percentages of students’ mastery. They were 87.50%  in the first cycle, 90.63% in the second cycle, and 93.75% in the third cycle; (3) the obstacles were: the students were passive in asking questions, the students were confused during presentations, the students paid less attention to video, the students were passive during discussion, the students were chatting when the teacher explained. The solutions were: the teacher gave motivation to ask questions, the teacher gave instructions before the presentation, the teacher warned the students to pay attention to the video, the teacher asked the students to work together in discussions, the teacher warned the students to pay attention to the teacher's explanation.


scientific, video, social science learning

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