Implementation Analysis of 2013 Curriculum Learning to the Theme of My Dream For Fourth Grade of SD Negeri 2 Bocor in the Academic Year of 2019/2020

Firdaus Khaerunisa, Muhamad Chamdani, Suhartono Suhartono


SD Negeri 2 Bocor has implemented the 2013 curriculum since academic year of 2016/2017. The researcher was interested in analyzing the implementation of 2013 Curriculum learning for fourth grade of SDN 2 Bocor. The purpose of the research was to describe, analyze the obstacles, and the solutions faced by teacher in implementing the 2013 Curriculum to the theme of my dream for fourth grade of SD Negeri 2 Bocor. The research used qualitative research method. The subject was the fourth grade teacher of SDN 2 Bocor. The results showed that lesson plan reached 78.02% classified as adequate category, learning implementation reached 45.77% classified as low category, and assessment reached 69.92% classified as sufficient category when those met the research indicators. The main obstacle was the limited number of textbooks. The solution was to distribute a textbook to every two students. It indicates that the 2013 Curriculum learning has been well implemented and the teacher has handled the obstacles


analysis, 2013 curriculum, fourth grade teacher

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